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Why Outsource Software Projects ?

Here are some reasons, that may inspire you to think for outsourcing software projects. Outsourcing is method of staff augmentation without adding to head count in your company, this lets you reduce time-to-market for software product keeping management responsibilities in limit. If your company is operating in developed countries dependent upon costly human resource, outsourcing software project can do lot of cost-saving for you. If you outsource software project, you are actually sub-contracting it, so in case of failure you have better chance to recover money and in case of success you save some.

Outsourcing can increase return on investment significantly in case of software projects. You can allocate some resources on improving quality and innovation as you can be relaxed budget wise. You can start by outsourcing small projects and as you gain experience you can go for bigger one.

How to Choose Offshore Software Development Company ?

Choosing right offshore software development company is vital for success of your project. As per rule of economics, you should always do market research and get quote from atleast three companies. You should check experience of software development company in the field you want to target.

Any good offshore software development company will follows industry standards to pursue software development. Check for standards, methods and documentation practice of company. Getting list of clientele and studying products developed by company can help you take right decision.

Time and effort dedicated for selection of offshore software development company pays.

Risk Management for Outsourced Software Projects

Either onshore or offshore, outsourcing software projects has certain level of risk involved with it. Different countries has different legal structure and constraints, you should have good study of them, so you don't have to repent at later stage. Suppose your software development project involves creation of help system in user friendly language, so you should ensure that company to which you are outsourcing is capable to deliver quality which is required in documentation going to be used by your customers.

Privacy and Security are major issues faced while outsourcing software projects. Measures like execution of Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and operating through virtual private networks which support encryption is vital. It is important to get deliverables on time with required quality. To ensure this you should see that proper software quality assurance architecture is in place and you should also be proactively involved in project. Communication is key to success of outsources project. You reduce risk of scope change and other misunderstandings if delivering company can properly communicate with you.

Business Process Outsourcing to India

High number of companies are opting for Business Process Outsourcing to India, to reduce operating costs and have sufficient number of round the clock. Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is project like help desks / support centres / project for executing back office tasks and what not. India is experiencing more that hundred percent growth in BPO industry since last few years.

BPO projects have proved their worth to companies world over, and it seems that growth in this sector is going to be tremendous in coming year.

EIS - Your Dependable Offshore Software Development Partner

EIS is offshore software development company having development centres at Trivandrum and Ahmedabad city of India. Key to success in this business is to be dependable in terms of quality, keeping time commitments and ofcourse cost-savings. EIS is using industry standard practices to manage software projects and has made online project management system available to clients to ensure quality and proper tracking.

Choose EIS, if you are searching for dependable offshore software development partner.
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