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JAVA Software Development Platform

JAVA Software Development Platform refers to many products developed by Sun Microsystems to make cross platform application development possible. With JAVA Software Development Platform you can developed applications for Micro PC, Main Frames, Super Computers and even for other devices like Mobile phones, Washing Machine etc. having support for embedded JAVA runtime environment.

Programmes developed for JAVA Platform are converted to Java Byte code which can be run on any device or platform supporting JAVA runtime environment. Java Virtual Machine or JVM is responsible for memory management on platform for which runtime is there.

Java is truly object oriented programming language and its very similar to C/C++, which makes it easy to other developer to get accustomed with. Unlike .Net framework of Microsoft, JAVA runtime environment is available on Linux and many other non-ms OSes to make cross-platform application dream possible.

Java Software Development to Achieve Platform Independence

Because JAVA runtime environment is available on some of the leading non Microsoft Operating Systems, its now possible to write code which can be run on different platform and devices. This helps Java Software Development to be truly platform independent.

Java Developers do not need to write separate code for each platform. Instead they write code for JAVA software development platform which itself is available on different OSes and devices.

With different kind of platforms and devices its necessary to have something like JAVA on them, so platform independent and cross OS operating application can be developed.

Web Development in JAVA

JAVA gives extensive support for web application development. From server side scripting to client side JAVA gives solid support which no other technology provides.

Java Server Pages is very good option for web development. Using it one can develop high performance web application in less time and effort. Rich classes of JAVA gives required base for web development.

With rich class library of JAVA one can create versatile web applications which are far superior that other competing web development framework solutions.

EIS is Leading JAVA Software Development Company of India

EIS specializes in JAVA web development and JAVA GUI Designs. We have talented and dedicated JAVA Developers team that can take on any challenging task in web as well as desktop application development.

EIS is leading JAVA software Development Company of India having more than four years experience in this technology. Contact us to get appropriate solutions for your JAVA related software development problems.
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