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What is DICOM ?

DICOM means Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. DICOM is used in medical imaging to handle, store, print and transmit information. DICOM supports special protocol for communication over network and has certain file format. DICOM specific devices clearly show which DICOM classes they are compatible with. Due to DICOM technology its possible to integrate various imaging hardware like scanner, cameras, printers etc. into picture archiving and communication system.

DICOM is actually the third version of a standard developed in 1992 by ACR and NEMA. Information is grouped into datasets in DICOM file format. Hospitals, Clinics and Imaging Centres are using DICOM standard globally to make digital imaging and communication possible in standard way.

What is PACS ?

PACS means picture archiving and communication systems. Computers, Networks and other devices dedicated for storage, archival and presentation of medication images can be called PACS. With help of PACS, soft copy of images can be created, and communicated between different hardware using standards like DICOM.

Web based PACS are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Software technologies like .Net, ActiveX and Java can be used to create web based applications to perform medical imaging on internet. PACS is important part of today's hospital information system. Each image is made available through web server with unique url or id. With help of PACS its now possible to run multibranch hospitals without using traditional films. PACS Imaging has revolutionized the way medical imaging is done.

DICOM Software Development Services by EIS

EIS is involved in DICOM software development since 2003. EIS has developed DICOM V 3.0 compliant Software Development Toolkit which has all required components to support OEM medical imaging systems. With help of this toolkit you can develop DICOM solutions without need of in-depth knowledge of technology. Complexity is covered under the hoods of API. This toolkit provides necessary function to take advantage of DICOM protocol services.

We have developed DICOM toolkit using .Net Framework, to make it easy to use on various platforms maintaining compatibility. EIS has good experience in implementing DICOM for third party solutions. Contact EIS for DICOM software development needs.

Inside PACS Imaging

As more and more hospitals, clinics and institutions are turning towards PACS systems, new innovative ideas are emerging. PACS implementation results in lower TCO and increase ROI significantly. Internet is making world smaller and web based PACS are doing same for medical imaging community.

Various PACS vendors used to provide complete turn key solutions till now, but scenario is changing rapidly. PACS system should work on DICOMization more and more to make images more accessible and avoid proprietary data formats. PACS technologies need to evolve to support enterprise level demands. PACS Imaging evolution should bring better solutions which are viable and more compatible than its now.

DICOM Conversion Needs

As DICOM is becoming more and more popular, people using old or non compatible PACS are trying to find solution to convert existing images to this standard. DICOM Conversion needs are triggering demand of solutions that understand requirement of both formats. In some cases, it is required to support some legacy hardware also which is part of project. EIS can assist you create solution for your DICOM conversion needs.

DICOM Image Processing Solutions by EIS

EIS has developed .Net based DICOM image processing solutions using which you can develop customized PACS. DICOM component toolkit developed by us is available in .Net platform making it consumable on various platforms and devices.

Contact EIS to know more about DICOM image processing solutions and PACS solutions.
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