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EIS is Microsoft Small Business Specialist

ISO Certified Software Development Company

Offshore software development is booming in India.

India has become global hub for offshore software development nowadays mainly due to these factors. India is having reasonably large pool of talented and technically proficient programmers to take on any software development challenges. In addition it is second largest nation in terms of highest number of English speaking people. Leading offshoring countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia find India very suitable for outsourcing software projects.

Indian programmers deliver quality solutions at reasonable rates adding value to their clients. Multi National Companies like HP, IBM, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, and Cisco are offshoring more and more software projects in order to do cost cutting, be competitive and maintain quality.

Thanks to this win-win relationship, nowadays offshore software development is booming in India...

EIS is one of the fastest growing software development company of India.

EIS is the leading software development company of India situated at beautiful city Trivandrum, state Kerala. EIS (Exalt Integral Solutions Private Limited) was established in year 2003 with a vision to provide quality software development services globally.

With help of our dedicated developers team, we have created impressive client base in US, Canada, UK, Australia and other major outsourcing countries of the world. EIS is almost doubling its capacity year by year in terms of human resources. Clients expect high quality and reliable offshore software development services from EIS, and we are committed to provide same.

We invite you to join hands with EIS to get quality software development services at reasonable rates. Contact us anytime to demand free time and cost estimate for your software development requirements.

Outsourcing software development to India can be your key to success.

Winds of globalization are blowing like anything, companies all over world need to be more competitive in order to satisfy their clients and maintain profitability. Companies and individuals are outsourcing software development to India to get cost advantage without compromising on quality.

Outsourcing software projects to India help companies to bring cost of development down, distribute work effectively and have highly dedicated result oriented developers for project. Outsource software development to India, its your key to success.

EIS specializes in web development with .Net, PHP, Flash and Java.

EIS has some of the best resources from software industry to take on any challenge in web development projects. We have dedicated teams for web development technologies like Microsoft .Net, PHP, Flash and Java.

Microsoft .Net is extensive and rich platform for web as well as desktop application development. EIS has team of .Net experts capable of taking any challenge in Portal Development, Web Services and Desktop Application Development.

PHP is open source scripting language used for cost-effective and scalable web application development. EIS specializes in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) solutions development.

Flash is very popular animation and web design tool. EIS has some of the finest Action Scripters to bring your web to life in amazing ways.

JAVA still rules when it comes to developing demanding web applications. JAVA is one of the best platform which has extensive support both for server as well as client side development.

Web Development Frameworks and technologies like DotNetNuke, Ruby on Rails, Joomla! are very useful in creating highly responsive e-commerce web portals. EIS Specializes in e-commerce web development and shopping cart integration. With proper use of AJAX - AHAH one can create highly interactive and desktop like interfaces for web applications. You can trust EIS when it comes to AJAX web development.

EIS developers are always ready to take on challenges...

We take pride for having highly qualified and dedicated team of developers with us. Our teams are built to have high tolerance for ambiguity that is inherent in software product definition. Developers at EIS strive to build flexible architectures to quickly accommodate constant changes in definition.

With our technical skills development program, we constantly upgrade knowledge of developers. Developers are encouraged to embrace new technologies and stay updated by attending technical up gradation training sessions and doing self study. EIS is proud to have some of the best talent in fields like .Net, AJAX, PHP, JAVA, DICOM-PACS, GPS, SEO, Flash and SaaS Development.

With trustworthy and dedicated developers of EIS its worth outsourcing software development to India...
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Software Outsourcing for Innovation

21st Feb 2010

Companies efforts to outsource software development in order to innovate are giving good results. They have been able to innovate and improvise their products. Hiring creative and talented people for innovation makes their product better keeping costs low.

High IT Recruitments Continues

15th Jan 2010

As per one report top three software development companies of India are planning to hire almost one lakh developers in coming year. Amazing growth associated with Indian IT industry is due to cost, scalability and time to market factors. This target is expected to be achieved by end of year.

Easy to Find Software Consultants

8th Jan 2010

Software development consultants in India are not opting for innovative ways to increase their visibility in foreign markets. Indian software development consultancies are now listing and registering themselves in various middle-man offices of western countries. All this makes it easy to find software consultants now.
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